Accounting, Auditing, Tax advising

Welcome to the official website of MB Tax Ltd.

MB Tax Ltd has several decades of considerable experience related to financial activities including taxation and accounting.

Our clients are primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, foundations and other organizations.

The main activities of our clients are diverse such as counselling, education, security, film production, marketing, public relations, performing arts, information technology, commerce, travel management, professional associations, nonprofit organizations. Due to this complexity of our clientele we have managed to gain a wide range of experience in the field of economic life.

In addition to running my accountancy office I found MB Tax Consulting Ltd. specalized in auditing under the registration number 002650 in the register of Hungarian Chamber of Auditors.

I am a registered auditor signatory member with a chamber membership number 007169.

At present my auditing orders spread over mainly law firms and private businesses but my clientele is under constant expansion. The success of us is based on our company philosophy as we put a lot of emphasis on reliablity, keeping the deadlines and client satisfaction.

We take the responsibilty for our work done and possess accountant liabilty insurance.

All the colleagues of us have post-secondary vocational training and multi-level accounting experience. I take part in regular professional training to be able to provide up-to-date information in connection with accounting, auditing, tax law and social insurance.

We hope we can provide what you are looking for!

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Beatrix Zsóvár
Owner, managing,
registered auditor